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Specialised Privately Guided Spearfishing Safaris and Instruction.
Venture out to the places only imaginable in your wildest dreams. Dive in the bounty of years of a seasoned mariner, hunting the quarry of the 'Kings' of the sea.

Journey to that place called Africa where waves on unspoiled beaches sooth your ears, the sun sets before your eyes and the quest starts in your heart.

Specialised safari concepts for the exceptional spearfisherman.

About Chris Coates

I cant imagine a life with out the sea, I think because I grew up on the beach in Zululand fishing diving and surfing. Playing with octopus and crayfish in rock pools as a toddler and catching big game-fish from my grandfather's ski-boat even before I was a teenager, my up bringing was rooted deep in the sea.

I must have been about 15 when I bought my first speargun and jumped into the water at a local beach. I did not have a clue what I was doing, but was instantly addicted, and so began my life long adventure in spearfishing.

I am also blessed to have an amazing and beautiful wife, and 2 children with whom I am able to share my passion for the sea. My son who has been surfing and diving with for years is fast becoming very accomplished in both sports and has become a real 'Waterman'. My little girl prefers singing and dancing, collecting shells on the beach with the occasional snorkel in a rock pool. So when I am not breathing up to take another dive into the depths I am either surfing with my son or at home with my family.

I traded the 9 to 5 job some years back and decided to follow my dreams making dive adventure movies, opening a dive shop and publishing a dive mag the Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine. These career moves have enabled me to follow another quest,  the stories my grandfather told of Mozambique. My grandfather was a pioneer in ski-boat fishing in Southern Africa and did many exploratory trips  into Mozambique in the early 50's, often spending months at a time finding beaches and places to fish. We spent hours fishing on the boat together, he told many stories of the adventures they had exploring the Mozambique coastline long before many of the places even had roads. Tales of fish, people, the places and the war that kept every one away was too much for me not to go and explore to find my own adventures and stories to tell.

Now some years later with many nooks and crannys along the Zululand and Mozambican coast been explored, I find myself taking others back to the same places and sharing in the adventure with them. Each time is as exciting as the first, its never the same, there is always something new.

There is just something about the sea that makes me feel like I am home, it's were my roots are I guess. And so, may salt continue flow in my veins. May the souls of my feet never tire of the sea sand between my toes. May my hands never tire from the warm Indian Ocean trickling though my fingers. May my heart always feel the tremble of the waves and may my inner child forever yearn to be close to that which I call home, the Sea.
Spearfishing Trips
Spearfishing off Ascension Island, one of the ‘last out posts’ of the untouched world we live in, is truly a life changing experience. An experience that all other dive trips are measured ... moreagainst.

Ascension is arguably the best place in the world to shoot Giant Yellowfin Tuna, and it is only a matter of time before the world record is taken there. The island creates a massive feeding ground and hot spot for all sorts of pelagic fish. From Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado and Sailfish. For a moment you could think you were in the tropics. Now throw in giant Yellowfin and Bigeye tuna and you have a dream location for spearfisherman.

Like anywhere in the world there are seasons for different types of fish.

Late January – April is Marlin season with 1000lbs been caught every year.
From March into April you can expect to find Sailfish.
But the main attraction is from April – November when the Yellowfin tuna are in town. The later part of the season the big fish move close to shore to feed on the baitfish and giant tunas can be seen smashing fish in only a few meters of water.
Ascension however has fish all year round and the Wahoo and Dorado can be found on FADs and hunting along the edges of the baitfish shoals.

Specialized Ascension Trips
There is a need to have trips planned and run differently from what is been done on Ascension at the moment. We understand that spearfishing Ascension is expensive and this is why the guys go in groups to split the cost. This however does dilute the experience and makes it more difficult to land that fish of a lifetime that you traveled half way round the world to get.

Our aim is to supply guys with a similar experience to what I do with my elite clients like MJK. These trips I do with him for example are expensive but he gets the exclusivity and all the benefits that go with it. One of the main benefits is that he gets a lot more fish, especially when at places like Ascension. This is primarily because he is not competing with 3 other guys, who are all falling over each other to get a shot in, and then blowing it for everyone.

I have seen this over and over where the groups of guys don't come home with fish or in some cases don't even see the fish that we do. This is even with international guides who are supposed to be the best in the world. So I am not proposing to be a taxi driver taking you to the spot, dropping you off and hoping for the best.

Our trips run with 1-2 divers who are joined by myself as a guide and pro photographer. Plus I will be using my own skipper / guide Steve Ellis who is not only an exceptional diver but has been doing trips to Ascension for many years and is probably one of the best guys on the water there.

We will provide you with a walk on service where you just arrive and dive and we take care of all the logistics. We will have a vehicle there and we will do all of the running around. We will do all the hard yards with the chum (the right way) etc. and all you need to do is pull the trigger when the time is right. There is lots to learn about with this type of diving, but with the individual attention and coaching you will get from Steve and myself I believe you have the best chances at landing massive tuna.

Here is what is included in this price:
Your own private boat. Your own skipper and guide / pro photographer for 8 days diving. This means you get to pick and choose when and where you want to be. This will also give you the flexibility to do other things as well.
You will be on the island for 10 days, in our experience there is normally a weather day or two, or a strategic day's rest in the middle also works. There is lots to explore on the island and we would like to personally take you to go and experience some of these things while you are there. From the rain forest up Green Mountain, to the hidden coves and bays skirting the luna surface of Ascension.
Skipper/Guide, Gear Hire, Spearguns, Photography, 4x4 Transport, 5kg Box of sardines per day
Experience Level:
Intermediate, Advanced
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