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Find spearfishing charter providers, freedive courses and yoga classes for freedivers from hundreds of different spearfishing destinations around the world.


Connect with spearfishing charter providers, confirm your travel dates, and pay for everything through's safe, secure and trusted payment gateway.


You're all set for your Spearfishing Adventure of a lifetime! All the details of your spearfishing trip will be sent directly to your inbox! 

A Spearfishing Community Built on Trust

Spearfishing charter providers and guests get to know each other through detailed profiles, reviews, and verifications ensuring a positve experience.
Spearotrips verifies personal profiles, maintains a smart messaging system so providers and guests can talk with confidence, and collects and transfers payments securely.
If you have any questions regarding one of your bookings, if there’s been some type of issue, or if you just want to find out more about us, then get in touch.

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